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Shaft Sealing
Shaft Sealing

our range of spare-parts for the manufacturers listed below

INTERPUMP Dunkel Retrofit Spare-Parts on easy terms:


are available in solid-steel:

a) in hardened-tool-steel quality,
b) in stainless-steel qualities,
c) hard-chrome-plated in all steel-qualities,
d) with any head-execution and every possible geometry,
e) in 2-, 3- and 4-stage execution.


are available in rubber-qualities, as hereunder:

  • NBR (nitrile), NBR white, EPDM, EPDM white, Hypalone, Buna, Silicone, Viton, PU, NBR high-temperature-resistant and last but not least in PTFE Teflon.
  • NBR-, EPDM- and Viton rubber-qualities are available in approved food-grade.
  • You will find our stators painted in the colours of the pump-manufacturer.
  • Stators in white-rubber-quality are painted in cream.
  • Any drilling for temperature-control possible.

INTERPUMP stators are equipped with sealings on both sides.

We will have the pleasure to advise you on each possible problem regarding rubber-quality and medium conveyed.


are available in stainless-steel, only. They do fit to each pump-model of all manufacturers mentioned below.

Drive-Shafts, Plug-in-Shafts, Connecting-Shafts

Drive-Shafts, Plug-in-Shafts, Connecting-Shafts are made in stainless-steel for either execution with mechanical-seals or with gland-packing.

Joint Assemblies

are available as complete set or separate as pins, protecting-sleeves, circlips, rubber-sleeves, bushes as well as O-rings of different rubber-quality.

Mechanical-seals of each size and quality you will find in our programme as well as different qualitites of gland-packing.


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